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About Us

About Us

Mr. Ernest T. Mansi is the founder and CEO of Aldersgate Investments, LLC. He holds a BA in Civil Engineering with two years of Structural Engineering at the Cairo University and obtained his California Professional Registered Engineering designation in 1980. Over the past 30 years he has developed hundreds of acres of land and is responsible for the building of thousands of new homes.

Mr. Mansi immigrated to the US from Egypt in 1974 with $100 in his pocket and the American Dream. Over those next 5 years he worked as a Structural Engineer for Dan Lee & Associates in Los Angeles. After completing several intensive special structure projects, including bridges, high rises, and infrastructure design, he decided to open his own consulting firm. A&E Mansi Engineering was created and soon obtained its General Contracting license.

In the early 80's he developed and built his first collection of single-family residences of 16 homes in Camarillo, CA and his passion for land development began. In the late 90's A&E became Aldergate Investments, and was soon credited with over 2,000 homes built in Southern California. Over the past 30 years he has had the vision and expertise to acquire, entitle, rezone, develop and build many exciting residential communities.

Aldersgate continues to be a strong force in a weak economic era. Its business model, built on faith, morals, and integrity is what has allowed it to continue to soar ahead in today's world.

Aldersgate is currently building a new residential community in Thousand Oaks, CA.

We don't build houses, we build dreams. Vista Pacifica
is one extension of that heartbeat.